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Fase 1: Initial consultation

This most often takes place via phone or online. During this meeting we’ll arrange a time for a consultation at your home to discuss everything in detail from your wishes to the assignment.

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Fase 2: Consultation

We’ll come to you for an in-home consultation that takes about an hour. Together we’ll discuss your wishes, the possibilities and our rates. We’ll then devise an action plan as well as inspect and measure the relevant rooms and spaces.

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Fase 3: Plan

After the in-home consultation, we’ll start working on a detailed plan for the rooms or spaces in question. Any agreed upon storage systems will be ordered.

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Fase 4: Decluttering

It’s time to get started! We’ll clear out, tidy up, organise and categorise the room or space. Items are either stored, given a permanent place or another home.

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Fase 5: Neat & Tidy

Finally, we’ll set up the room or space for you and style them if desired. We’ll also give you some helpful tips to keep the spaces neat, tidy and maintained!