Would you like some peacefulness in your home? Are you tired of looking for things because you can’t remember where you left them? Then you’ve come to the right place! We can help you organise your home like no other! We can help you make choices. This way we’ll work out together which items to keep, sell and possibly give away or donate. Among other things, we’ll look at the spaces that need to be organised and take into consideration your wishes and ideas. We’ll sort your stuff by category and colour, store it properly by giving it a (new) permanent place and if you want find some attractive storage solutions.

An organised home is not the same for everyone. What one person thinks is organised, another thinks is messy. What matters to us is that you feel comfortable in your own home and that your living space reflects this. Together we’ll get to work, ensuring that your house is and remains organised in a way that suits you!

Of course we are available as a one off organisational coach, but we are also flexible. Would you like to make regular arrangements about organising your home so that you don’t have to think about it anymore? That’s possible! For example, we can come monthly, quarterly or yearly. Everything is negotiable!