Moving house

Sell your home worry free

Are you about to sell your house? We’ll gladly help you to tidy up your house so that it is as attractive as possible for a smooth and successful sale. A tidy house looks more spacious and is therefore more attractive to potential buyers. A tidy garage, shed, attic or other storage space is an important selling point, especially these days when we tend to have a lot of possessions. On the other hand, these are spaces that are often full with items that have been collected over the years which makes it even more important that they are cleaned up and decluttered to ensure a successful sale of your home.

As soon as we have made an appointment for the initial consultation, we’ll discuss what your wishes are together. We’ll then estimate how much time we need to deliver the rooms in question in a tidy manner. We’ll store all items in boxes that we have tidied up for the sale. Items that are no longer used and that will not be moved with you will either be sold, donated or possibly disposed of (of course in consultation).

Relocation assistance after a death

Saying goodbye to loved ones is very painful. And there are many practical matters that may require your attention such as clearing out a house. Worrying about something like this is the last thing you want to have to deal with at such a difficult time, but you don’t have to do this alone! We can help to ease some of these worries. We’ll make an appointment to get acquainted and discuss what your wishes are. We’ll also ask you to indicate which items you want to keep or donate and in what time frame the house must be vacated. A suitable place will be found for the items that you are not keeping (of course everything is done in consultation).